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Ways to comfort your partner who is stressed

Your life partner is your companion for life. Every couple faces challenges that could be related to finance, health and dealing with different situations. Even if one of the person in the...

3 Easy ways to feel Happy

For many people happiness is an emotion which can come, go or fluctuate. But not many realize that a person is always responsible for his/her own happiness. Nothing is permanent, not even sadness, but...

4 Signs that could indicate that you suffer from post-relationship trauma

A break up of a romantic relationship is never pleasant. It is tough for both the partners involved in it and not just one. While we cannot judge or predict what could have caused...
feng shui

Hassle free and uncomplicated Feng Shui rules for a happy home

Feng Shui is a Chinese geomancy, an ancient traditional practice that makes use of energy forces and brings a balance between the individuals and their surrounding environment. Although the practice is very elaborate and...

3 Easy communication tricks that help couples come closer

Communication is the key for the success of any relationship. If there is no proper communication then there are all the chances that your relationship might crumble soon. Majority of the problems arise due...

5 Tips to improve your focus and concentration levels

Trouble in focusing or concentrating on work/studies is common problem that is faced by many. The person suffering from this problem cannot be completely blamed for as with the advancement in technology, there are...

6 Etiquettes that can never go old fashioned

Good manners are something that parents usually relate it towards teaching their children. They also evolve, but never go out of style. Skipping the basics never looks good and if you are one of...
coloring books

Reasons why coloring books should also be used by adults

Children love their coloring books and the reason behind it is the colors that they find attractive and they can spend hours doing the same thing. Not many are aware that coloring has calming...

4 Easy ways to bring back freshness in a stale relationship

People who have managed to find love and are living their happily-ever-after life might at some point feel the staleness in their relationship. This is a very common problem among couples, who might start...
break up

3 Ways to deal with the ‘no contact’ phase post break up

A break-up after a fulfilling relationship can be very tough on the individuals who are going through it. It is mentally and emotionally a tough phase for the people who are involved and are...

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