Ways to deal with High Functional Anxiety

High Functional Anxiety is one of the common forms and can be deal with a few easy techniques


When you look around yourself, you will find people who might be successful as well as productive in life. But not many are aware of the extreme levels of anxiety that they face. Such people often refrain from sharing their deep inner thoughts as they fear to be mistreated or misunderstood. Experts have called such type of anxiety as High Functional Anxiety where the individuals outwardly look successful and capable but internally they experience severe anxiety and stress. Such people maintain relationships and also maintain work and life balance but it comes at a cost of their mental health.

How to manage high functional anxiety?

Management of such an anxiety requires a balance of coping strategies, self-awareness, acceptance and most importantly self-care.

  1. Mindfulness – You need to practice meditation as well as deep breathing that makes you aware of your body and mind. Such a practice on an everyday basis, will help to reduce the symptoms of high functioning anxiety.
  2. Managing time – People suffering from such kind of anxiety often struggle to manage time. You could stick to a routine and stay away from over-scheduling. Such a practice can keep you mind and body calm.
  3. Learn to limit yourself – You need to learn to set boundaries for yourself. When you abide by your own boundaries, it helps in keeping yourself calm and composed.
  4. Physical activity – You need to engage yourself in at least one physical activity. It could be anything that you enjoy doing. For instance, if you do not like to go to the gym then you don’t have to punish yourself by forcefully going to one. You could engage yourself in other fun activities like dancing or swimming.
  5. Find a hobby – A hobby or a passion often releases the difficult emotions.
  6. Set realistic goals – Set realistic goals that are easy to achieve and it will make you feel accomplished and satisfied.

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