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Microsoft CEO assures new job creations with AI

US based software giant Microsoft has launched the new version of its search engine Bing that has a new technology similar to ChatGPT and has the ability to answer complicated questions  and...

Twitter sued for not paying rent

Troubles do not seem to slow down for Twitter which has been in recent times taken over by Elon Musk. Going by the recent happenings, Musk seems to be struggling with the...

Ford Chief says manufacturing of electric vehicles requires less labor

The current era is when more people are adopting the EV trend. However, Chief executive of Ford has expressed concerns that making of electric vehicles would require 40 less workers when compared...

Tesla joins Zoom for in-car video conferencing technology

Electric car manufacturer Tesla and communications giant Zoom have joined hands to introduce video conferencing inside the Tesla vehicles. The car manufacturer has in the past few years has invested heavily in...

Twitter requesting some staff to return after mass lay-off

While a number of tech companies across the globe are in the process of laying off employees, Twitter had also taken a similar move. However, dozens of its employees were given notice...

Meta considering to ease its COVID-19 misinformation policies

Facebook parent Meta had once taken measures to deal with the COVID-19 misinformation that circulated during the peak of the pandemic. The company introduced strict policies then but now it is considering...

Google to slow down hiring process amidst recession threats

Search engine giant Google is now taking it easy in terms of its hiring process. The hiring process has been slowed down as a precautionary measure to remain careful towards the threat...

Mark Zuckerberg bids goodbye to their crypto

Meta had once entered the crypto space with great ambitions but it has now gracefully said goodbye to the space. Although no official announcement has been made, but even if there was...
air conditioner

Air conditioner mistakes to be avoided

The air conditioner is one of the basic appliances used at homes or commercial set ups and needs timely maintenance. It is also an appliance that can take your electricity bills to...

Toyota to recycle old batteries for its new EVs

Electric vehicles are the next big thing and are something that more people and companies are looking forward to. As investment opportunities in the segment open up, auto giant Toyota is ready...

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