Air conditioner mistakes to be avoided

Air conditioner needs to be maintained and a few tips will make sure it stays in good shape

air conditioner

The air conditioner is one of the basic appliances used at homes or commercial set ups and needs timely maintenance. It is also an appliance that can take your electricity bills to another level if you end up using it recklessly. Ignoring few basic steps, while maintaining air conditioners, can easily increase your energy bills.  Here we will be discussing a few mistakes that you should avoid while trying to maintain your air conditioners.

  1. Ignoring the filters – Air conditioners have filters that need to be cleaned regularly. These filters accumulate all the dust, allergens and more and are typically made of light weighted material that need to be washed/cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. If it is ignored then the dust and allergens might enter your room and could increase the volume of dust inside the house.
  2. Not cleaning the fins and coils – The external unit of the air conditioner  has the evaporating coils and fins that helps to pass the heat from the refrigerant in the system out in the air. The condenser coils absorbs heat from inside the house and this process of moving the heat is an important process and the coil can accumulate a lot of dust while reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  3. Not checking the drain – A number of air conditioners use the drains that take care of the condensation by channeling the water outside the house. Make sure that these drains are never clogged and are cleaned regularly.
  4. Turning the temperature too low  – Owners of air conditioners often turn the thermostats down to very low to make it respond too quickly or work harder. But that is not the case as it you need to set the thermostat to where you want and not lower than you need.
  5. Not considering the size requirements – Air conditioners come in sizes as per the size of the place that needs to be cooled. If you install an air conditioner with a smaller capacity for a larger place, that would not be healthy for the device and would make it work harder.

Photo Credits: Pixabay