Elon Musk assures calls and encrypted messages on Twitter

Elon Musk made an official announcement about adding calls and encrypted messages features on Twitter


Elon Musk, the new chief of Twitter has made an announcement on May 9, 2023 while talking about the new features to be added to the social networking site. The Space X chief engineer said that they would be adding calls apart from encrypted messaging on Twitter. It was in 2022 when Musk had made an announcement about fresh features for Twitter by calling it Twitter 2.0 The Everything App. He had then said that he would be introducing encrypted direct messaging along with longform tweets and payments.

Musk in a Tweet on May 9, 2023 said that voice and video chat abilities will soon be added for anyone on the platform so they can talk to anyone in the world without having the need to reveal their phone numbers. Once the features are added, Twitter will come in line with some of the other platforms like Instagram and Facebook of Meta which have similar features. Elon has also assured that they will also be adding a version of encrypted messaging on Twitter which will go online from May 10, 2023. However, it has not been assured if the calls would be encrypted.

Twitter has also said that this week it will be beginning with the cleansing process by removing and archiving accounts that have remained inactive for many years. It has also been noticed that Musk is not very fond of the Meta companies but has promoted Signal which is a rival to WhatsApp. In the past it was noticed that he has urged people to delete Facebook accounts.

Recently an engineer from Twitter posted a Tweet regarding a bug on WhatsApp while accusing that the app has been using the microphone in the background while he was asleep and since he woke up at 6 am. Musk was quick to respond on his Tweet and said that WhatsApp cannot be trusted.

Photo Credits: Unsplash