Microsoft CEO assures new job creations with AI

As Microsoft looks forward to AI technology, the company also assures of new job creations


US based software giant Microsoft has launched the new version of its search engine Bing that has a new technology similar to ChatGPT and has the ability to answer complicated questions  and helps the users to make decisions. CEO Satya Nadella  while talking to a leading daily revealed that they are focusing on the next generation  that powers ChatGPT and is introducing it to Bing.

It has to be noticed that Microsoft is in recent times focusing and investing heavily in artificial intelligence given its scope for future. In January, 2023, Microsoft had announced that it intends to make a multiyear and multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, which is the AI research company that backs ChatGPT. With this development, it is expected to help Microsoft to improve its competition with Google in terms of commercialization of fresh AI products. On February 7, 2023 executives from AI and Microsoft showed off some of the improved search tools that provide a faster and seamless experience. To provide more precise instances, the company explained that the users could use the technology to request for a list of events happening in a city or ask for recommendations of the best cordless vacuum models. Moreover, the users could also ask if a furniture item could fit in a minivan with the help of dimensions that Bing would find out with the help of the technology.

While the technology seemed promising, questions were being raised if it would disrupt the availability of jobs to which Nadella answered  that they still need people to read, edit and approve the content. He added that the AI by Microsoft will be able to create more satisfaction towards the current jobs and in the new jobs. The CEO has also assured that the new technology will also attract increased wages due to the company’s plans.

With this assurance, Nadella has assured that apart from job satisfaction, AI could have the potential to create more jobs too.

Photo Credits: Unsplash