Ways how exercise can improve your mental health

Exercise has a number of benefits not just physically but mentally as well


Exercise has always been the best way to maintain physical as well as mental health. Although majority of the people focus on the physical benefits, but it is also a great option for those who are struggling with mental health issues. Mental health is an important subject but is unfortunately not addressed by all.  Here we will be talking about the amazing ways any form of physical exercise can be beneficial for your mental health.

  1. Improves your mood –  You can see immediate changes with the help of physical activity. Exercise allows the brain to release feel-good hormones and can also be called as the endorphin release. Physical activities also increase the release of serotonin and dopamine levels.
  2. Changes in the brain – When you are physically active, you are also supporting cellular growth in the brain that helps in making more neural connections. It also helps to improve brain function and make a person be better equipped to respond to setbacks and adapt to the circumstances. This phenomenon in the brain is important as it helps to learn new things.
  3. Helps with management of emotions – Gulping down a tub of ice-cream might give you  a boost in your mood. But that might be at the cost of a sugar crash. The discipline of working out has additional benefits as it helps people to manage their emotions better. Exercise teaches people  to tolerate distress. This means that people dealing with problems like anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder can find a few benefits with working out.
  4. Strengthens the connection between mind and body – Exercise is truly not just beneficial for the physical health but also for the mental health. The mind and the body are connected in a number of ways. One of the ways is the vagus nerve that comes down from the brain through the spinal column. It carries the signals from the brain to all over the body. Exercise stimulates the vagus nerve and thus helps to strengthen the connection between the mind and body.

Photo Credits: Unsplash