Reasons why you might not be losing weight despite regular workouts

Losing weight is a slow process but certain common habits might hinder your efforts

weight loss

Regular workouts are important for the body to remain in shape and to maintain fitness and good health. There are a number of people who have a focus on losing excess weight. But many of them experience less to no weight loss despite making efforts working out on a regular basis. Here we will be discussing about a few possibilities why you might not be losing weight.

  1. No focus on nutrition – The first thing you need to focus while working out is nutrition for the body. If you don’t manage your nutrition, then it could easily over-ride  your fitness efforts. Another possibility is that you might be consuming more calories than you are actually burning, which might explain failure to lose weight.
  2. Snacking too much – Snacking is one of the main culprits that can hamper your weight loss process. Mindless snacking can easily take back your efforts. They can also come in the way of your planned balanced meal.
  3. Not working out at high enough intensity – Now this could be tough to measure but you could get an idea on how you feel after you work out. This might give you an idea if you need to tune up your routine.
  4. You are not taking enough carbs – Carbs indeed have a bad reputation, but not many are aware that they are also important for the body to function with a balance. Carbs provide the energy  and endurance and also plays an important part in recovery.
  5. Too much alcohol – Alcohol is also nothing but empty calories and can work against your efforts to lose weight. It also increases your cortisol levels that can hamper your ability to work out intensely.
  6. Not allowing your body to rest – While working out, it is ok to focus on legs one day and the arms the next day. But if you constantly focus on one particular portion constantly, then that could hinder your efforts as well.

Photo Credits: Unsplash