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World Earth Day

World Earth Day 2022 – Things to follow to protect your environment

World Earth Day is observed on April 22 and is the perfect opportunity to spread the word to protect the environment at any time. The Earth belongs to everyone as it provides us with...
cooking water

5 Modern ways of reusing cooking water

Summer is here and time to realize the importance of water. Kitchen is a potential place where water can be wasted. Many times people do not even realize that they have wasted water as...

6 Ways to dispose your microwave

Old Kitchen appliances often end up in the landfills and could be disastrous for the environment. If you have an appliance that is no longer in use and are thinking of a way to...
plastic waste

Absence of a treaty for plastic waste threatens planet’s ability to be habitable

Increasing pollution problem due to the over-production of plastic and plastic products is posing a threat to the ability of the planet to maintain a habitable environment. A new UN treaty is being demanded...
Google Cloud

Google Cloud to inform users about gross carbon emissions

Concerns related to environment are growing on an everyday basis. However, individuals as well as big entities are making their contributions towards helping to reduce their respective carbon emissions that would combat the climate...

5 Common things not to be tossed in compost

A number of people have the habit of recycling bio-waste that comes out of the kitchen on an everyday basis. The waste that including food scraps and yard waste can be made in to...

Ways to water the plants during monsoon season

Monsoon is a time when there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. Plants need a good balance of light, moisture and manure for its growth. If anything goes off-track, then it could...
paper bags

Paper bag Day – 4 Important reasons why paper bags should be used

Paper bags are one of the best solutions to save the environment. The usage of plastic in recent times has increased, especially due to the pandemic. July 12 is observed as the Paper Bag...
carbon emissions

Carbon emission by Amazon increased by 19 percent in 2020

2020 was the year when a number of nations across the globe were under lockdown mandates due to the coronavirus pandemic. While the lockdowns limited the carbon emissions of a number of companies, Amazon...

Amazon announces plans for new solar farms in Arkansas

E-commerce giant Amazon has announced that it is all set to build solar farms in Arkansas. The company added that apart from Arkansas it will be building such farms in ten other states that...

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