6 Ways to dispose your microwave

An unused microwave could end up in a landfill if not disposed properly


Old Kitchen appliances often end up in the landfills and could be disastrous for the environment. If you have an appliance that is no longer in use and are thinking of a way to dispose it in the right way, then you are at the right space. Here we will be looking forward to the best ways to dispose off your old microwave oven without any harm towards the environment.

1. Donate the microwave – If your microwave oven is in a working condition then you can donate it to a person who needs one. It could be your domestic help or a person who is in need for it. This way, the appliance will be in use and will stay away from a landfill.

2. Sell it online – In case of a working device, you can sell it off on a number of online platforms. You can get a good price for it and this way, it could end up being used instead of being disposed.

3. E-waste recycling centre – You could find out about an e-waste recycling centre in your locality and give it there where the parts of it will be taken out and will be recycled in a proper way. A Quick internet search can help you reach a centre.

4. Manufacturer take-back program– There are a few manufacturers who have special programs that help the customers to dispose the appliance. Such companies take back the appliance, remove the parts and reuse them for other appliances.

5. Retail store – There are certain retail stores that accept microwaves and other appliances for reuse and recycling. These retailers reuse some of the more expensive metals that are found in the circuits.

6. Repair shops – Some of the repair shops also accept such appliances and sometimes offer a small price for it. These repair shops make use of the spare parts of the appliance for other appliances.

Photo Credits: Pixabay