4 Habits to do every night to improve brain health

Before bed-time, a few simple habits can help you to improve your brain health


While it is a good habit to look after your body with the help of food and proper exercise, it is also important to look after your brain health. Not many people give importance to cognitive decline and improving overall memory with focus. Here we will be discussing about a few healthy habits that will take care of your brain.

  1. Spend time in the nature as well – One of the best ways to improve your brain power is to spend time in nature. Some of the studies have proved that exposure to green spaces helps to result in higher cognitive function. It particularly works in terms of memory, flexible thinking and focus. So you can eat your dinner on the terrace area or enjoy the sunset in your hammock in your backyard or take a stroll after dinner.
  2. Drink water instead of alcohol – Even if you are consuming less amount of alcohol, it is associated with decreased volume of the brain. Even a single drink can have a negative effect on your sleep. It can cause insomnia, shorter duration of sleep and even sleep apnea. It also causes dehydration that increases the risk of dementia. It can also worsen the cognitive decline in people who already have dementia.
  3. Read a book – It has been proved that reading facilitates the onset of sleep, calms the brain and minimizes anxiety. People who read on a regular basis, have good cognitive results. Reading a book at least once a week, reduces the risk of age-related cognitive decline.
  4. Stop using phone before sleep – At least two hours before you go to sleep, make sure that you put away your phone. Having your phone with you can lead to a brain drain and reduces cognitive capacity that includes working memory logical reasoning, creativity and problem solving capacity. But if you cannot do that then you can at least switch on the night mode screen setting that most of the smartphones have these days.

Photo Credits: Unsplash