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Kinds of handbags every woman should have in their wardrobe

Handbags is a part of every woman’s wardrobe. The market offers a variety of handbags for every occasion and for every budget. For people who are fond of carrying expensive premium bags have the...
fashion trends

Fashion trends that have become outdated

Fashion trends never stay for long but do help to initiate a fast fashion trend. Some of the trends that began a few years back have already become outdated, but many people might still...

6 Fashion items you should avoid buying

A fashion expert has a natural skill to make something brilliant out of things from a wardrobe. We all have our own individual wardrobe selection, but have you ever thought what how does the...

6 Body parts where experts do not recommend a tattoo

The trend of getting a permanent tattoo has become popular in recent times, especially among the youngsters. Many people do this to honor their loved ones and get one made on different parts of...
second hand

Second hand clothing market seen as potential for solving sustainability crisis

While the world is sulking about problems created by fast fashion, the second hand clothing market is picking up as a massive force. A new report has mentioned that the second market in the...

Fast-Fashion trend of US leading to environmental problems in Ghana

A trend of fast fashion is noticed in the United States since the past three decades. Fast fashion is when manufacturers produce inexpensive clothing in response to the latest fashion and is bought by...

Fashion upgrades that will make you look expensive

To get that splendid look that will make you look confident and attractive, you do not have to spend a fortune. It is a myth that you will only have to spend on branded...

Clothes to be avoided during the monsoon season

Monsoon is a time when the humidity levels are high and there is a lot of moisture in the air. Rains can be unpredictable, but no matter what during the monsoon season you need...
new york fashion week

New York Fashion Week is indeed happening despite pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has in recent times forced to cancel or indefinitely postpone many public events in recent times. America is one of the worst affected countries and also has a high death rate...

Proper ways of washing and cleaning reusable cloth masks

Wearing masks while stepping out in public has become a new normal. Nations across the globe are in unlock mode after being in lockdown for a couple of months. While the medical practitioners and...

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