Kinds of handbags every woman should have in their wardrobe

Handbags come in a variety in terms of design, mood and price and are indeed the best companions for every woman


Handbags is a part of every woman’s wardrobe. The market offers a variety of handbags for every occasion and for every budget. For people who are fond of carrying expensive premium bags have the option to buy premium branded bags which can be very expensive. Here we will be discussing about the kind of bags that every woman should have in their wardrobes for different moods and occasions.

1. A day clutch – It is an envelope kind of bag which is known as a clutch that would suit for a day occasion over a casual look. They have enough space to carry your basic stuff like your mobile phone, wallet, cards, keys and basic make-up stuff.

2. A night clutch – A night clutch could be for a loud occasion like a cocktail or a formal occasion to match with your outfit. Make sure that it suits the outfit that you wear and has enough space to carry your basic stuff.

3. A shoulder bag – A shoulder bag is more of a stuff carrier for a rather laid back event that can look stylish with you are out with your friends for coffee. It is usually not very long but has a lot of space to carry your stuff and could also include a small water bottle.

4. Duffle bag – This is the perfect partner for those last-minute trips that you have just planned with your friends. It can carry stuff that is enough for the weekend getaway.

5. A tote bag – This is one of the most popular bags that many women love as it is big and is perfect for those who love to carry a lot of stuff when they are out including their mobile chargers, medicines, candies, make-up, snacks and a lot more.

6. A Cloth bag – This can be a perfect companion when you could be out for some shopping time with your friends and can be enough to carry your wallet, mobile phone, keys and a few other basic stuff.

Photo Credits: Pixabay