What is low-sugar diet? What are the foods that can be classified as low-sugar?

Low-sugar diet has a number of health benefits that not many people are aware of


Low-sugar diet includes foods that cut down in terms of added sugar or artificial sweeteners. While many people might not prefer to have low-sugar diet, but it has its own benefits. Maintaining proper glucose levels in the body is important and with the lifestyle that a number of people adopt these days does not help the body in any way.

Low-sugar diet means foods that have less sugar quantity and low in carbohydrates. They break down in the body in the form of glucose. In terms of packaged foods, it is important for people to read about carbohydrates and glucose contents in the body before they purchase. People should be aware of what they are consuming and what their knowledge says. It is always beneficial to adopt a low sugar diet plan to help make your lifestyle healthier. Maintaining a low-sugar diet is no rocket science. To make things easier, here we have listed a few foods that can be classified in low-sugar diet.

1. Fruits – Fruits should include citrus fruits as they are good sources of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Even the fruits like bananas, grapes and watermelon contain natural sugars which do not harm the body and are beneficial for health.

2. Green and leafy vegetables – Vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage and fenugreek are natural sources for calcium, potassium, fibre and more nutrients. Eating them raw are more beneficial for the health than having them cooked.

3. Whole grains – Whole grains like beans and chick peas can be consumed cooked and are great source for protein. They can also be added to you salads and can be a great source for fibre.

4. Nuts – Nuts like cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios are packed with nutrients and are highly beneficial for the body. Chia seeds also contain omega 3 fatty acids and can be included in your diet with milk or fruits. They are highly beneficial for people who are trying to burn body fat.

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