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Netflix lays off 150 employees based on the United States

American streaming giant Netflix, which is already in trouble with its investors over the loss of subscribers, is laying off nearly 150 employees along with dozens of contractors. The move is being...

WHO warns about new XE variant of COVID-19

After the threat posed by the highly transmissible variant Omicron of COVID-19, the World Health Organization has issued a warning about a new variant that has been named as the XE and is found...

Secrets of happy couples you must know

Many times you might wonder as to how a few couples manage to live happy lives with their respective spouses. A few may think that there might be a few secrets that might be...

Habits that might be making you gain extra weight

Even before the coronavirus pandemic started, people across the globe were already drawn towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The pandemic increased the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While a number of people have...

Eating habits for people who have family history of diabetes

Diabetes is a common diseases that affects millions of people across the globe. While majority of times, it is due to the lifestyle changes that induce the disease. But for many it is also...

3 Proposal set-ups you should avoid

One of the very special moments of life is when you propose the love of your life. Many people often prepare for the big moment to make it memorable and special. While majority of...
party theme

6 Unique party theme ideas for New Year’s Eve celebration

While people are preparing to bid a good bye to 2021 this New Year’s Eve, a number of people are planning to have intimate in-house parties amidst the omicron variant threat. The basics of...
body parts

Body parts that don’t get cleaned as much as they should

It is important to have bath to maintain proper hygiene of the body. However, while having bath, a number of people often ignore or don’t pay enough attention to certain body parts. Here we...
national fry day

McDonald’s, Wendy’s and more offer free fries on National fry Day

Fast food giants in America are all set to observe the National Fry Day which is also known as the Fry Day on July 13, 2021. Restaurants and fast food franchises across the nation...
third wave

Things to keep in mind as you prepare for the third wave of COVID-19

The world has already dealt with a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic. The first wave came with a warning sign that a second wave could hit and a second wave gave a lesson...

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