Body parts that don’t get cleaned as much as they should

    Certain body parts are often ignored and are not cleaned enough while having a bath

    body parts

    It is important to have bath to maintain proper hygiene of the body. However, while having bath, a number of people often ignore or don’t pay enough attention to certain body parts. Here we will be discussing about the five body parts that are not washed enough or are ignored.

    1. Belly Button – Not many are aware that not cleaning the belly button can make the area gross. Constant accumulation of dirt could lead to infections or yeast infections. You can clean the area with the help of just some soap water or body wash with the help of a cotton bud. Also make sure that you dry the area properly after every wash.

    2. Behind the ears – Not many would remember the last time they washed the area behind the ears. The crocked area can also accumulate dirt, yeast and bacteria and needs to be washed every time you have a bath.

    3. Finger nails – Finger nails need to be cleaned every time you wash your hands. A lot of dirt can get accumulated and it could be a source for infection to enter your body. It important for hygiene purposes.

    4. Between the toes – While people could wash all the important body parts, but many of them ignore or forget to wash between the toes. This is a place where fungus could grow and lead to skin infections. Make sure that you wash between the toes and also clean and dry the area properly.

    5. Behind the knees – This is another area that is often ignored and also a place where the dirt can be accumulated. Make sure that you wash the area along with the legs with shower gel. It would also be recommended to use a loofa while having bath that can help to get rid of all the dead cells.

    Tip – Make sure that you use a good body moisturizer after having bath and apply it when the skin is moist so it is absorbed deep in to the skin.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay