Experts share tips for mothers of infants amidst baby formula shortage

    Baby formula shortage has become a new problem in the United States due to the supply chain issues and the war between Russia and Ukraine

    baby formula

    Amidst acute shortage of baby formula in the United States due to supply chain issues and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, parents with infants and toddlers are struggling to provide their kids with proper nutrition. Under such circumstances, health experts have shared a few tips for the parents who are struggling to find baby formula for their children.

    1. Ask your doctor  if you could switch between brands – Parents who are not able to find the brand that they have been prescribed are forced to think of switching brands. Experts have said that infants who are not on any specialized formula can look to other brands but only after consulting a physician. Sometimes the babies could find it difficult to switch to the new bran but it can be done by introducing the new one gradually.
    2. Do not turn to formula alternatives or homemade recipes – Parents who are desperate to provide their babies, could turn to formula alternatives or even home-made recipes, but health experts have warned against such practices as it could pose a danger to the infant. The social media could be flooded with recipes but it is better not to take such a risk. But there could be some exceptions for the infants who are a little older for cow’s milk.
    3. Switching to shared breast milk – Amidst the shortage of baby formula, many people have been advised to turn towards the local milk banks that have donated breast milk. Such banks have donations from mothers and the milk is being provided for the fragile  and sick babies in the newborn intensive care units. However, not all the population can access such banks, but people are encouraged to donate amidst the crisis. It is a great thing to provide the baby with breast milk from another mother to a baby. But one thing has to be kept in mind that such things are not regulated. If you have selected to go that path then it is better to work with your health care provider to look in to the risks and benefits and get a good screening done.

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