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Study – Exercise can help to improve cognitive health

Since ages, health experts have been preaching about the health benefits of physical exercise. But now experts are now carrying out researches on how exercise can impact the mind as well. A...
weight loss

Reasons why you might not be losing weight despite regular workouts

Regular workouts are important for the body to remain in shape and to maintain fitness and good health. There are a number of people who have a focus on losing excess weight....
physical activity

More physical activity related to less severe COVID-19 symptoms – Study

COVID-19 created havoc across the globe with a pandemic and continues to spread with the help of its contagious variants. Ever since 2020, a number of studies have been undertaken by medical...

What is functional training and why is it important

Functional training is an important variant of exercise. As the word ‘function’ suggests that it is a training that has a purpose. It focuses on the movement patterns that have a purpose...

Can you work out during periods?

Many people have different opinions about exercise or working out during periods. Although there is no scientific reason to tell that women in periods should not exercise. But still there are people...
weight loss

4 Effective food combinations that speed up weight loss

Weight loss is never an easy journey for anyone. One has to make mandatory changes to their respective lifestyle and diet that would trigger weight loss. Many health experts swear on a...

4 Lifestyle changes to make to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is no longer only for those who have it in their families. It has become more of a lifestyle related disease. Although it can easily be managed, it all depends on...

4 Subtle warning signs of high cholesterol levels in the body

High cholesterol does more damage to the body and you might not even realize it. The damage caused is often silent and the symptoms show up when it is too late and...

4 Easy ways to deal with post workout muscle soreness

People who work out on a regular basis know what it feels when muscle soreness hits. Muscle soreness is a pain experienced in the muscles when a person works out after a long time...

Healthy ways to rewards yourself after achieving a fitness goal

People across the globe have a habit of treating themselves with something sweet or their favourite food once they have achieved their fitness goal. But how many of them actually that rewarding themselves would...

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