4 Subtle warning signs of high cholesterol levels in the body

High cholesterol often goes unnoticed and could lead to other fatal conditions


High cholesterol does more damage to the body and you might not even realize it. The damage caused is often silent and the symptoms show up when it is too late and you might end up in a health centre or an Emergency Room for damage control. High cholesterol can be caused due to hereditary issues or unhealthy lifestyle. Here we will be sharing a few signs that your body might show. It is time people become aware of their bodies and take care of themselves before it is too late.

  1. Numbness in legs and feet – Although the phenomenon is common, but is the numbness in your feet and legs become frequent then it could be an indication that the plaque has accumulated in the arteries of the heart. It restricts the flow of oxygen rich blood from reaching the arms and legs and leads to numbness.
  2. Chest pain  – There are a number of instances where people do not realize that they have high cholesterol levels unless they suffer from a stroke or a heart attack. A blocked artery could be a cause towards such incidences. Look for even slightest chest pain which are unusual. If you cannot find a valid reason for the pain it is time to get yourself investigated by a physician.
  3. Pale nails – it is the bad cholesterol that blocks the arteries of the heart and restricts blood flow to the rest of the body. Extra cholesterol can restrict the blood flow to the body parts including your nails. This could cause reddish brown lines below your nails. Such lines usually run in the direction of the nail growth.
  4. Tiredness – High cholesterol levels can be fatal as it restricts the blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body. Lack of blood in certain vital organs can leave you fatigued and tired. Look out for signs of tiredness for no reason.

Photo Credits: Pixabay