Study – Exercise can help to improve cognitive health

Exercise is not just be good for your physical health but can also be good for your cognitive health


Since ages, health experts have been preaching about the health benefits of physical exercise. But now experts are now carrying out researches on how exercise can impact the mind as well. A recent study has shown some of the best exercises for the brain health and how it can help to sharpen the memory as well as the ability to be organized. The study is based on data collected from nearly 4,500 people in the United Kingdom and was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

During the study, the participants had activity monitors that were strapped to their thighs for about 24 hours a day for the course of one week. The study had analyzed the activity levels and how it impacted their short-term memory apart from problem-solving skills and their ability to process things. It was found that moderate to vigorous exercise and activities were directly linked to higher cognition scores when compared to those spent most of their time sitting, sleeping or doing just gentle activities. The activities included even those that were done under ten minutes. The vigorous exercises included biking up the recline, dancing, running and swimming while the moderate exercises included brisk walking and any activities that get the heart to beat faster.

It was found by the researchers that people who indulged in such workouts, had better working memory and that the biggest impact was seen on the executive processes like organization and planning. On the contrary, people who spent most of the time sitting, sleeping or moving only a little had a 1 to 2 percent chance of a drop in cognition.

While concluding the researchers said that people should be encouraged towards moderate and vigorous physical activity. At the same time the study was not accurate as it made use of cohort data which meant that the researchers did not know about the extensive details  of the health of the participants or their cognitive health.

Photo Credits: Unsplash