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second wedding

4 Crucial things to consider before your second marriage wedding ceremony

Things are surely exciting when you are getting married. But when you are getting married for the second time, things are again exiting but there still remain some inhibitions. This time the...

4 Meal hacks that would help to deal with day time lethargy

During the first half of the day, you remain the most energetic but as the second half hits many people often feel a slump and a decline in their energy levels. Many...

4 Things to avoid at airport just before you take a flight

You might surely be overwhelmed just before you are about to take your flight to your most awaited destination, but there are still things that you need to keep in mind. Before...

Right foods to eat before and after workout

Many people might not be focusing much on what to eat before and after a workout session. But they do not realize that it is the key towards better results of all...

4 Smart travel hacks to use when you are packing

One of the most problematic tasks before you travel is packing your essentials. There are people who are used to heavy packing as they pack everything even if they are not needed...

4 Crucial things not to be forgotten by the bride

Weddings are always fun, but it could be a stressful time for the bride and the groom as they are going to be the centre of attraction and are going to be...

5 Tips grooms need to be aware of for the wedding day

The wedding season is here and while many might think that all the attention goes to the bride, but it is a big day for the groom as well. Even for the...

A few basic life rules no one ever talks about

There are many things, actually basic things in life that you need to be aware of. We are not talking about the minimum age required to have a driving license, but a...

7 Things not to buy from airports

Airport is a place, where once you enter the security checks, you become a captive audience. The airports take advantage of it and find different ways to make revenue. It is indeed...
hand baggage

5 Things not to carry in your hand baggage on a flight

People who are frequent flyers often know about what should be carried and what is not allowed in your baggage. The anxiety of going through the security check is real as you...

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