4 Smart travel hacks to use when you are packing

Packing is an art and make sure that you do it in the most convenient way


One of the most problematic tasks before you travel is packing your essentials. There are people who are used to heavy packing as they pack everything even if they are not needed and there are people who are minimalists. The problem arises when you forget something that was really important.  And re then forced to search and shop  at your vacation destination. Here we will be sharing the best possible tips to make sure that you have got all your essentials handy and organized.

  1. Roll/fold while you pack – This method of rolling and packing gives you extra space and helps you to accommodate that extra pair of clothing that you are confused about to carry or not. For the cotton clothing that are prone to wrinkles, you could fold instead of rolling. Roll the clothes that are wrinkle-free.
  2. Make a check-list  – The best way to make sure that you have got it all is to make a check-list. Keep crossing the things that you have packed and this way you would know if you have left out any essentials. This is a guaranteed way you will not have to regret forgetting essentials while on your vacation.
  3. Categorize your things while packing – Make sure that you divide your things in categories. I9t could be best if you do it by size. You could put the smaller clothes in a small box  and the larger ones in another. Store things vertically instead of stacking them. This way it will be easier for you to spot things. It will be simpler to find the smaller objects that usually get lost in a big baggage.
  4. Make use of compression packing cubes – The compression packing cubes helps to fish out the air out of the clothes  and makes the things smaller and compressed so you could fit more things in your suitcase. But you need to keep in mind that despite using compression, the total weight of the things would remain unchanged.

Photo Credits: Pixabay