7 Secrets to a healthy and a happy relationship

Partners need to make equal efforts to make a relationship work long term


A healthy relationship is the foundation of living a complete and joyful life. Maintaining a relationship is not a child’s play and needs care and patience. Efforts put in by both the partners make it a successful relationship. It is all about putting your best effort and understanding your partner’s needs. Fights and arguments are part and parcel of life, but what matters is long term understanding. Here we will be discussing some of the important factors that help to make a relationship successful.

  1. Trust – Trust is a factor that makes the other person feel safe and leads to a deeper connection. Trusting your partner means that you believe in them and do not have to keep a tab on them.
  2. Loyalty – Loyalty is commitment towards your partner. Both the partners involved must realize the importance of loyalty in a relationship. If you are not able to maintain that loyalty then it is better to end it than hurting your partner.
  3. Self-love – While it is important to take care of your partner, it is also important to take care of yourself first. If you are happy yourself, only then you will be able to share the happiness.
  4. Communication – A healthy relationship depends and feeds on proper communication. If your feelings are not communicated properly, you might end up suffering.
  5. Respect  – Fights between a couple cannot be avoided, but amidst the fights, it is important to have respect for each other. Mutual respect and understanding are vital in any relationship.
  6. Sacrifice – Any relationship demands sacrifices and compromises. Partners should be willing to make sacrifices which make the bond stronger. Compromises should be made from both ends and should not be not be just one-sided.
  7. Acceptance – Every person has a different character with different point of views. Accept your partner for who they are. Do not try to change them as per your needs.

Photo Credits: Unsplash