Health officials urge to wear masks indoors as respiratory illnesses surge

As respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, RSV and flu surge, health officials have recommended people to wear masks


The United States is facing a surge in some of the viral respiratory diseases including the flu, RSV and COVID-19. Health Officials from the Western Washington have recommended that people should wear high quality and well-fitting masks while indoors. The recommendations were made in a statement released on December 9, 2022. A number of health and medical officers have signed on the statement that has urged people to wear masks along with other protective measures.

Dr. Gib Morrow, the health officer at Kitsap Public Health District, in a statement that was released by the health district recommended that people could take simple steps to protect themselves that would allow them to enjoy a happy and a healthy holiday season. Morrow also recommended people to remain updated on the vaccination and remain diligent about some of the regular habits like washing hands that would help the community  with the wave of illness.

Kitsap Public Health District data mentions that the local number of positive tests for influenza as well as RSV is increasing in recent weeks. During the week that ended on December 3, 2022 Kitsap noticed a 35 percent positivity rate for influenza tests as 279 cases were detected. In the same week 66 cases of RSV were detected. It was also found that COVID-19 continued to circulate with 181 new positive tests  that were reported last week. Nearly 21 COVID-19 hospitalizations were also reported. Health officials have urged people to use masks when they are around other people in enclosed set-ups or indoors.

It has also been recommended to stay indoors from work and school when they are sick. Health officials have also warned that people should take immediate help for COVID-19 and influenza, especially those who are prone to get severely infected. Recommendations have also been made to improve indoor air quality with the help of ventilation, filtration and UV Technology wherever it is needed.

Photo Credits: Unsplash