Right ways to drink water

People often drink water in the wrong way and it needs to be fixed

drinking water

Water is one of the basic things that body needs and sadly majority of people consume water the wrong way. Not consuming enough water or not looking in to the needs of the body could lead to health scares. But the good news is that the fix is simple. It is easy to manage your intake water. Here we will be looking in to a few mistakes that people make while drinking water that everyone should know.

  1. Not consuming enough water – Dehydration can lead to a number of complications to the health. The body often sends signs that it needs water. Winter is the time when the water intake reduces, but the body still needs water to function and to flush out harmful toxins. You could fill up a water bottle in the morning and keep sipping water for the entire day to make sure that you do not deprive your body from fluids.
  2. Drinking water after meals – Not many people might be aware of this but drinking water soon after having a big meal or a big snack. Drinking water soon after meals tends to dilute  the gastric acids which are crucial for digestion. This could make the digestion process harder and the food could not get digested properly or you might not get enough nutrients from it.
  3. Drinking cold water – Drinking cold water might feel like the best thing post workout but is certainly not good for your health. It tends to shrink the blood vessels and makes it harder for the food to digest. It also increases joint pain and solidifies fats in the body. It is ideal to drink water closer to room temperature.
  4. Not drinking water when tired – Feeling fatigued, usually indicates that the person is dehydrated. This often happens post workout  and it is essential that you drink ample water when fatigued. Restoration of fluids in the body is crucial or it could lead to a number of complications.

Photo Credits: Unsplash