6 Habits of people secretly suffering from depression

Depression is a disease that needs attention and is not deliberate


People suffering from depression do not often express or show it off. Many of them suffer silently without the world knowing what they are going through. That could be because they would like to remain in their own comfort with their ailment. But they surely need help. Here we will be discussing about a few habits of people who suffer from depression secretly.

  1. Irritability over petty things  – People who are otherwise calmer could easily set off over little things. That could also be out of character of that person and if you see such traits then that could be a red flag.
  2. Unreasonable feeling of guilt – Often negative thoughts surface over the minds and make them feel worthless  and negative. Such feelings can also make it difficult for the person to function normally. They could often feel being unable to fix the simplest things.
  3. Ailments without an underlying cause – The person could end up suffering from a few ailments like headaches, stomach aches or muscle pain without any reason or any underlying causes. For such people no medicines or remedies work unless their actual issues are addressed. Many people suffer from migraines due to clinical depression.
  4. They zone out of conversations – People silently suffering from depression can tend to zone of a conversation without being able to understand what the other person is talking. This could happen more often.
  5. They could crave or dread to fall asleep – People with depression could feel scared to fall asleep as they will have to face their dreams that might not be pleasant. They would end up feeling exhausted even after sleeping for ten hours.
  6. They are always lo on energy – People with such issues could be sitting at a room while starring at the walls without having the energy to get up and do anything. They might not even feel like talking to anyone and just lay there doing nothing.

Photo Credits: Unsplash