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Amazon accused of misleading Prime subscribers

Amazon in the United States has been alleged of tricking its customers to sign up for automatically renewing its prime Subscription and then making it difficult to cancel. The claims have been...

Amazon to be investigated over unsafe working conditions

E-commerce giant Amazon is under scrutiny by the  US Congress over the safety practices in its warehouse. The company will be investigated over its treatment towards the workers in the warehouse. The...

Hyundai Ioniq 5 vehicles to be investigated over motive power loss problems

About 40,000 of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 vehicles have come under the scrutiny of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as they look in to the power loss issues. The Office ...

Boeing bags more aircraft orders as Paris Air Show hovers round the corner

The coronavirus pandemic phase proved to be a doom for a number of businesses across the globe. The airline manufacturing sector stood among the worst hit sectors. However, as the market inches...
Food delivery

Food delivery workers to have minimum wage hike in New York City

Good news awaits the app food delivery workers. Authorities from the city of New York have announced an increased in the daily wages for the food app delivery agents. The hike has...

Ryanair finalizes deal for 150 aircrafts from Boeing

Ryanair and aircraft manufacturing giant have finally come to a deal. The airline has announced that it is planning to buy nearly 150 Boeing 737 Max 10 aircrafts apart from 150 more....

Airline passengers will soon receive compensation beyond refunds in case of cancellations

A number of airlines in the United States cancelled thousands of flights in recent times leaving thousands of passengers stranded while causing inconvenience. The cancellations were caused due to a number of...
United Airlines

United Airline plans massive hiring as it prepares for a busy summer

United Airlines is predicting a very busy summer travel season and has geared up with an extensive hiring plan. This year the airline is expecting a busy travel season due to which...

Jack Ma appointed as visiting professor at University in Japan

China based investor and businessman, Jack Ma has taken up a new job as  a visiting professor in Japan. The former executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding has joined the Tokyo College ...

McDonald’s ready to lay off employees – temporarily shuts down US offices

Large number of companies across the globe has been announcing layoffs in recent times. As a precautionary measure, fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp will be temporarily closing its offices in the United States...

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