McDonald’s ready to lay off employees – temporarily shuts down US offices

McDonald’s is temporarily shutting down its offices in the US as it prepares to lay off its employees


Large number of companies across the globe has been announcing layoffs in recent times. As a precautionary measure, fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp will be temporarily closing its offices in the United States while it gears up to announce layoffs. The company is undertaking layoffs as a part of the broader company restructuring. McDonald’s has last week sent an internal email to its employees in the United States and also included some of the International employees while announcing that they should work from home from Monday to Wednesday.

The company had then assured that they would communicate some of the important decisions roles and staffing levels across the organization. However, the fast food giant has not disclosed as to how many employees it is planning to lay off during the restructuring process. It was in the month of January, 2023 when the CEO Chris Kempczinski had warned its employees it could be taking a few difficult decisions in the near future. The announcement was made by Kempczinski in a message towards the global employees while it narrated about its business strategy known as Accelerating the Arches 2.0. The strategy includes a possibility of cutting positions reshuffling that will allow the company to become more efficient, innovative apart from trimming expenses.

The CEO also said that it will be considering the evaluation of roles and staffing levels in parts of the organization. He also added that difficult discussions as well as decisions would be made ahead. Kempczinski had also indicated that some of the jobs that are existing today would either be shifted or moved while some of them would be gone completely.

Apart from the above plans, the company is also planning to increase the pace of opening more restaurants. It added that McDonald’s would test new concepts that would work towards the convenience of the customers while adopting the Order Ahead Lane, recently introduced at the Forth Worth, Texas Location.

Photo Credits: Unsplash