Microsoft cuts more jobs apart from 10,000 layoffs this year

Microsoft has not opened about the number of jobs it has scaled down


Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that it is all set to get rid of more jobs, just a week after the beginning of its 2024 financial year. The fresh cuts have been made apart from the downsizing that was announced in January 2023 that had claimed nearly 10,000 jobs. Although the software giant had last year too announced a few jobs cuts. The latest cuts were reported on July 10, 2023.

It is not just Microsoft but other tech giants like Google and Amazon had also taken steps to scale back their work force this year. Although the companies had taken the step soon after it had rapidly added their headcount while they were trying hard to meet the rising demands soon after the COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft while defending about its move explained that the clients are looking forward towards ways to save money in terms of their cloud computing bill. Although a spokesperson from Microsoft has declined to specify the exact number of cuts in the latest round.

It was in the month of January when CEO Satya Nadella had issued a memo that had indicated that Microsoft would be changing its hardware lineup and consolidate leases. The company filed for a notice on July 11, 2023 while stating that it would be cutting 276 people at its home state of Washington. Out of these 66 are virtual. As a result employees from the customer success and sales departments had posted online that they had lost their jobs.

Meanwhile a spokesperson in an email stated that workforce and organizational adjustments are an essential and regular part of managing their business. The spokesperson added that they would continue to prioritize and invest in the strategic growth areas which will be for their future and will also be in support of their partners and customers. Job cuts have been seen in a number of companies as a part of managing their expenditures.

Photo Credits: Unsplash