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PayPal allows withdrawal and deposits of cryptocurency

American finance giant that handles online payments system, PayPal has made an announcement that their customers can now make transactions related to cryptocurrency from their personal wallets. The announcement was made on...

5 Things to stop buying to save cash

While you might be spending on your basics every month, many people do not realize that they can actually save a lot of money by limiting certain expenses that can be easily...

Visa and Mastercard scrutinized for increasing swipe fees

Financial services giants Visa Inc. and Mastercard were probed by the senators for increasing the swipe fees on merchant costs. The senators opined that the increased swipe fees would be ultimately passed down to...
Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden bans Russian oil imports amidst Ukraine crisis

The sudden invasion of Russia in Ukraine has been condemned by countries across the globe. As a response to the situation the United States President Joe Biden has announced that it would ban on...

5 Spending Habits of rich people you should adopt

Ever imagined if the rich and affluent people also had the practice of saving money? While it could be hard to believe, but it is true that even rich people have money saving habits....

Amazon stalls ban on Visa credit cards issued in UK

E-commerce giant Amazon has said on Monday that it has not stopped accepting the Visa inc. credit cards (issued in UK) on its British website. The company had earlier proposed that it would ban...

Mastercard records 8.5 percent rise in holiday sales as online shopping surges

A report by the finance service giant Mastercard has revealed that the retail sales in the United States grew by 8.5 percent during the holiday season between November 1 to December 24, 2021. The...

McDonald’s launches NFT while venturing in to digital currency

Fast-food giant McDonald’s has made an announcement that it has launched a digital currency or NFT for their McRib sandwiches. Post the announcement, the fans have expressed their excitement over the development. With this...

5 Things that are expected to become expensive in near future

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down a bit in recent times, but has left behind a number of problems that could lead to an unwanted price hike for a number of things. Some of...

FedEx blames staffing problems for drop in quarterly profits

Shortage of labor is a problem that a number of companies are dealing with. Different strategies were implemented by entities to fill up the essential spaces, but the problems continue to persist. E-commerce and...

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