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Habits that are costing you a lot of money

There are a number of things that we often tend to ignore when it comes to handling of our finances. These could be small things but tend to accumulate and cost you a lot....
financial stress

5 Easy ways to handle financial stress during pandemic

Financial stress has become a common phrase during the coronavirus pandemic for people across the globe. Being in debt never brings peace of mind and this is something that has to be carried with...

Uber UK drivers to get minimum wage, pension and holiday pay

Uber drivers in the United Kingdom will hereafter be receiving a minimum wage along with pensions and holiday pay. The decision has been made after a recent court ruling that mentioned that the drivers...
minimum wage

Low-Wage workers in 20 American states to get pay rise on New Year’s Day

In some good news for the workers in about 20 American states, they are all set to receive a pay hike on January 1, 2021, when the minimum wages would increase. This has been...
work from home

Deutsche Bank proposes to tax employees working from home

Some of the experts from Deutsche Bank have expressed that the workers who are working from home and having the financial benefits should be taxed. The report added that if the workers, working from...

High- speed rail construction delayed due to finance issues

A high-speed rail line was being planned between Las Vegas and Southern California. The construction of the much awaited rail line was expected to begin in 2020, but has now been delayed due to...

Economy in China on the way to a speedy recovery

It was the Asian country of China where the coronavirus pandemic started off. It was also the first country to face the economic turmoil and that eventually started to spread to other countries as...

Wedding firms in UK asked to refund couples for cancellation during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced a number of couples to cancel or postpone their wedding dates to a later date. Many couples went on to complain that the wedding firms did not provide a refunds...

Thailand manages to contain coronavirus but economic recovery remains slack

Thailand is one of the few countries that managed to contain and control the number of coronavirus infections in recent times. However, despite the efforts by the government, the economy of the country might...
postal service

New Postal Service chief launches cost-cutting

People in the US could possibly face a delay in the mail deliveries by a day or more. The delay in mail deliveries could be due to the cost-cutting efforts that are being undertaken...

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