New Postal Service chief launches cost-cutting

The new Postal Service chief in the US has got down to cost-cutting that could lead in delays in deliveries

postal service

People in the US could possibly face a delay in the mail deliveries by a day or more. The delay in mail deliveries could be due to the cost-cutting efforts that are being undertaken by the new postmaster general. The new plan will relieve thousands of employees doing overtime while explaining that the employees need to adopt a different mindset so that the Postal Service is able to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hereafter, late trips will no longer be authentic. According to the Postal Service leaders who have in a document said that if the postal distribution centres are running late then the mail will be kept for the next day. Another document has mentioned that one of the aspects of the changes introduced might be tough for the employees as for the time being, there might be mail that could be left behind or left on the workroom floor or docks. The changes have been introduced after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy took over the mail service. Louis DeJoy is a major donor to President Donald Trump.

A memo that had the title PMG Expectations and Plan had said that the changes are aimed at making the USPS fundamentally solvent that they are not at the moment. The memo has also cited severe revenue losses which was badly affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. The postal service has also warned that they can run out of money by the end of September, 2020 if they do not get any help from Congress. The service had reported a $4.5 billion loss for the quarter that ended in March, even before the full shutdown was implemented.

The pandemic has put the postal service on a double crisis as about 12,000 postal workers have fallen sick with 64 fatalities. The volume of letter and other flat mail has dramatically gone down and the pandemic has increased the expenditure for personal protective equipment.

Photo Credits: Pixabay