Students to restart paying their loans in October

Students will have to restart repaying their loans after a gap of 3 years due to COVID-19


After a three-year pause due to COVID-19 student loan repayments are expected to restart on October, 2023. The Supreme Court is considering if the Biden Administration can cancel a number of such debts. Nearly hundreds of millions of dollars from the student loan debt could be cancelled. A broad timeline was announced  by the U.S. Department of Education , as to when  the borrowers are expected to begin repaying their respective loans.

A spokesperson from the Department of Education while talking to a leading daily said that after September 1, 2023, people who have federal student loans can expect the interest to hit back. The payments would resume from September 1, 2023. The above information means that the interest will start accumulating on September 1, 2023 but the payments will not be due from the same time. The repayments are expected to begin in the weeks to come after September 1, 2023. The exact time for the repayments for borrowers can depend on how the different loan services handle their respective accounts in the beginning.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education might soon come up with reliable timings in the upcoming months. The spokesperson has assured that the officials will make sure that the students are aware of their payment deadlines. On the other hand the advocates representing the students have expressed that they are concerned about the limited information released so far. The advocates added that they would like to see more specific dates as to when the payments should begin. They have also appealed to clarify if different servicers will be on different timelines.

Concerns have also been raised for people who have moved addresses over the past few years or do not have a reliable internet connection. Under such circumstances, it would be easier if the word is spread early or the borrower could be at risk of defaulting their loans. Apart from the above concerns, there are a number of other questions that the Department of Education is yet to address.

Photo Credits: Unsplash