5 Things to stop buying to save cash

There are certain simple expenses that can be easily avoided with better alternatives that can help to save cash


While you might be spending on your basics every month, many people do not realize that they can actually save a lot of money by limiting certain expenses that can be easily avoided without causing any inconvenience. Here we will be discussing about a few expenditures that you can easily avoid and will help you save a lot of cash.

  1. Cable bill – The generation is all about OTT that will not just bring you your favourite shows on TV, but will also bring your favourite movies. Services like Netflix Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are platforms where you can find almost everything and all this is all the fraction of the cable bill. You can also have HDTV antennas or YouTubeTV work for people who love to watch TV.
  2. Impulsive purchases – Many people unknowingly have the habit of making impulsive purchases. Online shopping has made shipping and spending even more easily with just a few swipes. Make sure that you keep the items in the shopping cart for at least a day as some times the companies end up offering  a discount when they notice that the customer is yet to make the final step of purchase.
  3. Unessential groceries – Next time you visit the grocery store, make sure that you do not pick up things that you would not require. It is best to plan meals on a weekly basis and stick to your grocery shopping list.
  4. New Clothes – Stop before you buy a full-priced branded clothing. You can also consider buying from thrift or vintage. You will find a number of alternatives which are old but are still in good condition.
  5. Apps and in-app purchases – Make sure that you avoid purchasing certain apps  or any in-app purchases that are no longer useful to you. Certain subscriptions are automatically billed evrry month which makes it easy to forget.

Photo Credits: Pixabay