Food combinations that provide maximum nutrition

Certain food combinations help with maximum nutrition with less or minimum calories


There are certain food combinations that provide maximum nutrition and absorption for the body. It is very important to know the proper combinations of certain foods that actually get along well and provide the best nutrients and help in proper absorption as well. Here we will be looking in to some of the food combinations that work well great together and help in proper functioning of the body.

  1. Spinach and lemon – Spinach is a great source of iron while lemon is a great source of Vitamin C. When the two foods are combined, the vitamin c content from the fruit helps in proper absorption of iron from spinach. It also helps to keep the blood oxygenated. You can opt for a warm cup of spinach soup with lemon, spinach smoothies or even a spinach salad with a lemon dressing can do the trick.
  2. Tomatoes and Broccoli – Tomatoes have lycopene which is a strong antioxidant and broccoli is rich in sulforaphane. When these two nutrients are combined, they form a strong nutritive profile provide a number of health benefits. Broccoli and tomatoes can be added in an omelette. They could also be tossed together with a bunch of other vegetables with some seasoning.
  3. Vegetable salad with nuts and oil – Combining vegetables with some nuts and some oil is a great and healthy combination that gives out healthy nutrition for the body. Such a combination provides healthy fats  and soaking the nuts provides with the maximum nutrients like the alpha and beta carotene. When you prepare a vegetable salad, you can add some extra virgin olive oil with some soaked and chopped nuts to it. The greens will provide the nutrition while the oil will provide with healthy fats that gives healthy energy to the body.

It is always better to stick to foods that provide maximum nutritional value and contain less calories. Also make sure that you don’t restrict yourself to an individual diet or limited servings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay