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fullers earth

5 Amazing benefits of fullers earth for skin

Fullers earth is a versatile ingredient that is beneficial for the skin as well as the hair. It looks and feels like clay and gains an elastic texture when it is mixed with water...
hair serum

What is a hair serum? What are its benefits and side effects

Hair Serum Hair serum is a potion for the hair which is commonly used by people who have a long hair and have problem to detangle it after hair wash. It is different from hair...

Expert tips on removing make-up in the night

Make-up surely looks great on the skin during the day time. While it is great to wear make-up, it is very important to remove the make-up before you go to the be. There are...

3 Amazon benefits of using sandalwood for skincare

Sandalwood has been a part of the beauty regimes of women since centuries. But with the introduction of commercial products in the market and adulteration, the importance and even the existence has become near...

4 Easy ways to avoid frizz post hair wash

There has always been an argument about the right way to dry your hair after a detailed hair wash. Using heated methods can damage the hair. Although it is OK to use them once...
curly hair

6 Hair care tips for curly hair during winter

Winter time brings a tough time for the skin as well as the hair. It is even more challenging for people who have curls and maintaining them and keeping them away from dryness and...

Simple skin care tips for men

Men usually do not need to carry skin care as they do not actually need it. But the current era is a little different as lifestyle changes like eating habits, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle...

5 Useful skincare tips for men during winter

Even men need to take care of their skin. But there is a lot of difference between the skin care regime for men and the skincare regime for women. While the topic might have...

What are blind pimples? How to deal with them

While a number of people might be aware of  pimples on the face that looks unpleasant, but not many might be aware of a blind pimple. Like the name suggests, it is a pimple...

Skin problems that you could face in your 30s

Skin problems become sidelined when you reach certain age due to priorities that you give to other things. You could blame it to the busy schedule, ignorance or you could be just lazy. There...

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