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nail color

8 Easy ways to dry your nail color

Putting on nail color surely makes you feel beautiful, but waiting for the nail color to dry isn’t fun. Girls always look for ways to get their nail color dry faster, but...

5 Anti-ageing foods that should be included in everyday diet

Everyone loves to look young and have a glowing skin. However, age  and your lifestyle does matter on how you look and present yourself. There are certain things that your body demands...
dark spots

5 Ways to get rid of dark spots faster

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can seem unpleasant on the skin and can occur due to a number of circumstances. It could be caused due to sun exposure or due to consumption of...

Things to do before you get a tattoo

When you are about to go for a permanent tattoo, there are certain things that you need to take care of. You might be excited the night before you get one for...
onion oil

Benefits of Onion Oil for hair growth

Usage of onion oil and onion based products is currently in trend for hair care. More people are adopting onion products or are just indulging in the traditional way of using onions...
hair myths

4 Hair myths you need to stop believing

Long, healthy and shiny hair is what every woman wants to have. It is not always possible to have a good hair day on an everyday basis. Many people struggle to keep...

5 Useful skincare tips for warm weather

During the spring and the summer season, it is not just the temperature but even the pollen counts go up that tend to make people prone to allergies. The skin needs special...
hair hacks

Unusual hair hacks to have healthy hair

None likes to have damaged hair. Healthy and bouncy hair makes you feel confident about your appearance. Unhealthy hair also makes it prone to break, become dry  and also reduces its thickness...

Types of skin pigmentation and ways to deal with it

Pigmentation on the skin can be caused due to a number of reasons. They can be defined as light and dark spots can make your skin complexion appear uneven and are never...
period acne

Experts talk about period acne and why they occur

Menses comes with a lot of discomfort for women and it varies from person to person. A hormonal rush/fluctuation is common during the phase. It is a common to feel fatigued, bloated...

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