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What are leave-in conditioners and what are its benefits

There are a number of leave-in products that are available in the market. One of the most trending is the leave-in hair conditioner. This product allows the user to apply the conditioner after a...

Outfits ideas to make you look younger instantly

Not many people realize that their outfit choices make them look older and authoritative. No matter how many wrinkle free creams you use, your wrong outfit choices will still make you look older. Here...
heat styling

Things to keep in mind while heat styling your hair

Exposing your hair to heat is never good for the hair. But that styling your hair once in a while for occasions does no harm. There are also ways to be extra careful by...
hair wash

Hair wash tricks you wish you knew earlier

Hair wash is a very simple process that helps to cleanse the hair and the scalp. Regular hair wash is important for the hair health and to ensure its proper growth. While the process...

Know about the kind of shampoo best for your hair

It is good to hair a healthy and shiny hair. For that you also need to take good care of the hair by regular oiling and providing proper nutrition to it. Apart from the...
hair tangling

Easy ways to deal with hair tangling

Hair gets tangled for a number of reasons. This problem is often faced by people with long hair. It could be due to lack of moisture, exposure to the wind, frequent brushing or lack...

Things to keep in mind when a make-up artist is working on you

There are a number of things the make-up artist wishes their clients knew before they actually begin their work. A lot is going on, on their mind when they are dealing with the client....
sheet masks

5 More ways your sheet masks can be used

Sheet masks are one of the trending beauty hacks that have an immediate effect on the skin. They contain plenty of serum that works directly on the skin and gives an immediate effect. The...

5 Easy tips to make your hands look younger

Out of all the parts of the body, the hands remain exposed and also show signs of ageing when they appear wrinkled or dry. Your hands do majority of the work and face the...
dark spots

6 Easy ways to get rid of dark spots at home

Dark spots never look great and make the overall appearance of the person dull and tired. They appear due to a number of reasons including lack of sleep, skin pigmentation, too much of exposure...

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