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Easy ways to get rid of suntan and sunburns

A sun tan can stay on your skin for weeks before you could step out again. It is something that you should be concerned about and also something that you should protect your skin...

Tips to make your make-up last longer

Applying make-up is a work of art but it would be best if it was applied in a way that it lasts for a longer time. Although there are a number of ways and...
hair habits

Things you should never do to your hair

Luscious and shiny hair is something that many women desire for. Many people believe that it is a tough job to maintain long tresses. But that is not actually the case. You need a...

7 Unknown and surprising facts about newborn babies

Newborn babies are previous and full of surprises. They are delicate and need to be handled with care and precautions. Many of their movements and traits make the new parents laugh and this could...

Things to keep in mind while having braces

Having braces is no less than a challenge and needs plenty of determination. It includes appliances inside your mouth that corrects the position of the teeth if they are too protruding or need to...
hair wash

Steps to wash your hair in the right way

Cleansing of the hair is an important step towards keeping it healthy. Just like skin care, your hair also needs some attention and in the right way. Many of us often ignore some crucial...

Few ways how monsoon can be bad for the skin

The monsoon season comes as a relief for the skin, especially for people who struggle with a dry skin. This happens due to the increase of the moisture and humidity levels in the atmosphere....
coconut oil

Unknown beauty benefits of Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very simple and low-cost ingredient that is also easily available. However, not many people are aware of its beauty benefits. It is not just for oiling hair for a healthy...

Ways to look and feel confident and beautiful

You are never in the same mood everyday and not always confident. It has always been a desire to look at your best each and every single day and the good things is there...
vitamin C

Reasons to start using Vitamin C serum for face

Vitamin C is a great nutrient when it comes to health and even skin care. Gone are the days when people used to need a number of cosmetics for a healthy skin but not...

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