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5 Skincare tips to be followed by men

Many are under the impression that skincare is only meant for women, which is not true. Although men’s skin is a lot different from women, but their skin also needs care. Skincare...

4 Tips for brides-to-be to manage stress

Bride jitters is a common thing among the would-be brides which happens due to the stress of all the preparations. While the bride might have planned a series of self-care activities, it...

Skincare tips suggested by experts for people in their 30s

People after the age of 30 can start showing signs of ageing. There are a number of things that can happen to the skin due to genetic and environmental factors and can...

5 unknown skin and hair benefits of ginger

Health benefits of Ginger have been known by people and health experts since ages. However, not many might be aware of the skin and hair benefits of the root. The ingredient can...

5 Basic accessories that every woman should have

Women often have the best clothes and accessories in their wardrobe, but due to lack of certain basic things, even the best clothes sometimes become worthless. Here we will be talking about...
Eating habits

5 Eating habits that help to loose belly fat at any age

Belly fat loss is something that everyone looks forward to. While some have an impression that it could happen only with a certain age group, but that is not true. The keyword...

Make-up products sale drops as women shift to no make-up look

The coronavirus pandemic forced majority of office goers to stay at home and created a work-like environment at the comfort of their home. As the trend continues even now in a number of countries...

Stack up these summer fruits to give your skin a treat

Summer is here and it is time you switch eating a few summer fruits that would not just contribute towards your health, but will also contribute towards the betterment of your skin. Fruits are...

5 Secrets and habits to look attractive 24/7

A number of times you might have imagined how a number of women manage to look pretty no matter what. Whether they are sick, or have just woken up from sleep or have had...

Summer skincare routine by dermatologists

Summer is here and it is a harsh time for the skin as the sun is ready to take away all the hydration and make your skin look dull. It is also time to...

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