Skincare tips suggested by experts for people in their 30s

People in their 30s should follow a stricter skincare routine


People after the age of 30 can start showing signs of ageing. There are a number of things that can happen to the skin due to genetic and environmental factors and can include wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, sagging, pore enlargement or dullness. Moreover, by this age, people come to know as to what works on their skin and what does not. But still, this is the phase when you need to be careful about your skincare routine. Here we will be explaining about a few tips mentioned by experts to take of the skin.

  1. Protection is the key – Some of the environmental factors like exposure to the UV rays and pollution affect the quality of the skin while making them dull and pigmented.  These factors generate free radicals and the exposure can break down the collagen level. Experts suggest usage of sunscreen lotion, anti-oxidant serum and moisturizer as basics for the skin.
  2. Hydration – When the skin ages, it leads also leads to wrinkles making your skin to age faster. Experts suggest to drink plenty of water and application of a moisturizer even off the winter season. The moisturizers that you use should have ingredients like fatty acids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and squalene. People with oily skin can opt for a gen-based moisturizer.
  3. Make a habit to use an eye-cream – As your skin ages, the area around the eyes are prone to show signs of ageing. This area has a thinner skin and needs special care so you can start using an eye cream or a serum that is specifically designed to address some of the issues like dark circles, fine lines or pigmentation.
  4. Introduce a night cream – Night time is a phase when the skin goes in to rejuvenation mode. Make sure that you have a proper skincare. Make sure that you wipe off your face with the help of double cleansing your face and then apply a night cream before you go to sleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay