8 Easy ways to dry your nail color

Drying your nail color could be a pain in the neck, but a few tips can speed up the process

nail color

Putting on nail color surely makes you feel beautiful, but waiting for the nail color to dry isn’t fun. Girls always look for ways to get their nail color dry faster, but it still takes its own course of time. This space is for those who love to put on nail color on their fingers, but hate to wait for a longer time. Her we will be discussing about the different ways you could try to dry your nail color faster.

  1. Ice water – Dip your fingers in ice water and let it sit for about five minutes. Check if the water beads are appearing on the nails and if yes then the nail color is completely dry. But if they don’t appear, you need to dip in the fingers for a couple of minutes longer.
  2. Freeze – Open the freezer portion of your refrigerator and place your fingers in the freezer and hold as long as you can. Again when you see beads on your nails that means they are completely dry.
  3. Quick-dry coat – There are a number of quick-dry coat available  in the market that adds an additional glossy layer to the nail color.
  4. Extra virgin olive oil  – This might seem surprising, but you will never know unless you try it. Dip your fingers with nail color in extra virgin olive oil to dry the color faster.
  5. Apply thin layers – One of the clever tricks is to apply thin layers instead of thick coats as they dry faster.
  6. Hair spray – The market also has nail color drying spray or you could use your regular hair spray.
  7. UV/LED lamps – Seen at professional nails salons. But these are not always expensive. It takes about a minute or two to dry your nails under these UV lamps.
  8. Fast-drying nail colors – Buy nail colors that dry up faster. There are a number of options available in the market that you could try.

Photo Credits : Pixabay