What is brain fog and ways to get rid of it

Brain fog is a mental health condition that needs to be managed and looked after

brain fog

Sometimes people can experience a sudden disorientation, loss of concentration or confusion. This could be a brain fog and is experience by many people  and is also known as hazy head. Such experiences are often stressful and could also trigger a sense of anxiety. It could happen when people are overworked and are stressed about just going through the regular mundane duties on a daily basis. Here are some activities that can help people to get rid of brain fog.

  1. Train your brain – One of the easy ways to train your brain is to play brain games as it is a great way to improve your memory. Experts have opined that your brain lives longer if you keep it engaged. This way new brain cells could be created and this could be done with the help of a few changes in your everyday routine.
  2. Get enough sleep – Make sure that you are getting ample sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep there are chances that it might interfere with the brain’s ability to relax and recuperate. One has to be aware of the fact that you lose brain cells on an everyday basis, but there are ways to generate new ones as well. This is possible if you get  a good night sleep every night. Sleep is also essential for the brain to get rid of the harmful toxins. Some of the games that you are try are jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku and word games.
  3. Walk – Taking a walk has its own health benefits. It is also known for having benefits for mental health and helps in relieving stress levels. Walking helps to increase blood flow to the brain and decreases the risk of cognitive decline.
  4. Bring changes in your diet – One of the harsh truth is that one of the main reasons for brain fog is poor gut health. Include foods like blueberries, coffee, turmeric and fatty fish which are all good for enhancing memory and for a healthy brain function.

Photo Credits: Pixabay