4 Effective food combinations that speed up weight loss

There are certain super food combinations that actually work and speed up weight loss

weight loss

Weight loss is never an easy journey for anyone. One has to make mandatory changes to their respective lifestyle and diet that would trigger weight loss. Many health experts swear on a number of methods including different types of fasting or exercise regimes.  Here we will be discussing about a few food combinations that no one has ever talked about.

  1. Eggs and coffee – This can be had for the most important meal of the day which means breakfast. Eggs boosts the body metabolism  and also fulfills the protein requirement. A caffeinated beverage aids in weight loss but you need to drink it black with no added ingredients like sugar or cream.
  2. Fish and green tea  – This combination can be had for lunch. Fish could be similar to eggs as it also helps to boost the body metabolism. It also fulfills the protein requirement of the body by providing more energy to digest food. This combination can also make you feel full for a longer time. Green tea promotes weight loss  and also improves energy levels while improving performance while exercising.
  3. Salads, chickpeas, black beans and seeds – This combination can be had for dinner. All these foods are a great source for protein. Black beans is not just a great source for protein but is also good for the metabolism. Black beans help to keep you full for a longer time and also gives you a healthy gut. You can also have ginger tea with a bowl of salad. Ginger promotes weight loss and decreases appetite.
  4. Plain yogurt with  berries and water  – Apart from your regular meals, if you ever feel like having a snack, then there is nothing better than some Greek yogurt with berries. Yogurt provides the much needed protein to make you feel full and aids in weight loss. Pair this with cold water and you are done with a healthy snack.

Photo Credits: Pixabay