Summer skincare routine by dermatologists

Expert dermatologists recommended tips for summer skincare


Summer is here and it is a harsh time for the skin as the sun is ready to take away all the hydration and make your skin look dull. It is also time to gear up with your sunscreen lotions and pastel clothes to be summer ready. Here we will be discussing about a few tips that have been shared by dermatologists to take care of your skin during the summer season.

1. Do not over-do your skincare routine – Experts opine that just like your clothes during the summer season, your skin also needs to have something light and not heavy. Take it easy with your skincare routine and opt for gentle face washes instead of using heavy cleansers. The heat and humidity is already taking a toll on the skin.

2. Wear the right SPF – Make sure that you don’t leave the house without wearing SPF. Experts recommend a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher. Make sure that you use it on all the exposed skin. Do not forget your hands, feet, ears and lips. Even if you are stepping out for 2 minutes wearing SPF is vital.

3. Do not get rid of your moisturizer completely – While you might feel that you don’t need a moisturizer anymore, it is wise not to abandon it completely. You still need to moisturize your skin. Make sure that you select a summer friendly and light moisturizer that suits your skin.

4. Continue to exfoliate –This is also the season to continue skin exfoliation. However, experts recommend that you don’t over-do it. Gentle exfoliation once in a week is enough for your skin during summers.

5. Do not use make-up with pore-clogging ingredients – Make sure that the make-up that you wear are noncomedogenic which means that the product is formulated without ingredients that clog the pores. It could be a powder sunscreen, oil-free primer and a light-weight foundation.

6. Remain in the shade – Finally, as far as possible, make sure that you expose minimum to protect your skin under the sun. If you don’t want to remain covered up with clothes, you could also remain under an umbrella or wear large hats to avoid the mid-day sun.

Photo Credits: Pixabay