Experts suggest yearly vaccines to deal with COVID-19

Soon a committee would decide if the COVID-19 vaccine should be taken on a yearly basis just like the flu shots


The COVID-19 vaccines arrived as a savior for people across the globe amidst the pandemic when people continued to fall sick. Initially the pharma giants rollout two-shot vaccines and then recommended a third shot or better protection against the upcoming variants of the virus. But now a number of experts are advising that the COVID-19 shots should be taken yearly just like the flu shots. For now the public health experts do not have a clear idea about what the future holds, but many have opined that these shots should be taken on an yearly basis.

To throw more light over the opinions by experts, Archana Chatterjee, the dean of Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University said that it would be essential to keep it under control and that people might need some kind of periodic vaccination. Chatterjee added that it could be implemented or thought about as more data is accumulated. The dean, who is also the member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines added that her comments does not reflect the opinion of the committee or the FDA.

As for the committee, a meet is scheduled on April 9, 2022 where it will be decided if more booster doses for COVID would be essential. The committee will also decide as to how often they will have to be taken. The FDA has informed that the members from the US Centres for Disease Control and the National Institutes will also be participating in the meeting. The meeting will also be about dealing with the specific COVID variants.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Marks, the director of Centre for Biologics Evaluation and Research of the FDA, in a news release said that vaccines continue to remain as their best defense against the disease as people prepare for the future to deal with COVID-19. Dr. Marks added that it is the right time to discuss about the future move in terms of vaccines for COVID.

Photo Credits: Pixabay