5 Modern ways of reusing cooking water

Effective ways of reusing cooking water can also save your utility bills and saves water

cooking water

Summer is here and time to realize the importance of water. Kitchen is a potential place where water can be wasted. Many times people do not even realize that they have wasted water as there are many ways you could be doing that. Here we will be making people realize about how water could be wasted and will also be sharing a few easy ad unique ways to reuse cooking water that is used in the kitchen.

1. Reuse pasta water – Pasta is a favorite of many people but cooking pasta requires a lot of water from the kitchen. Many people tend to throw the remaining water, but here you could irrigate the water in to the plants who could get some nourishment. This way you will not end up throwing the water in to the drains.

2. Reuse old water from bottles and glasses – Yes people tend to throw away the remaining water to refill them with fresh water. But you could save that water and use them for various other things in the house like mopping the floor or washing clothes. You could also pour them in to the plants or clean furniture instead of dumping it in to the sink.

3. Damp cloth for spills – Instead of using a bucket filled with water for cleaning any spills, you could just use a damp cloth to clean the particular portion to clean it up. Do not clean the entire room, but clean just the spill and it will save a lot of water.

4. Install greywater collection system – Greywater collection system will help you to save a lot of water and money that is spent on utility bills. Greywater is different from black water and contains residuals from the initial use like dirt, hair and grease. These are not dangerous to the environment and can be reused in a variety of ways including watering plants.

5. Install rainwater harvest system – One of the most effective ways of feeding groundwater is the installation of rainwater harvest system. It is easy to install, economic and collects rain water to increase the ground water level.

Photo Credits: Pixabay