5 Skincare tips to be followed by men

Men also need to follow a skincare routine as they are also vulnerable to skin problems


Many are under the impression that skincare is only meant for women, which is not true. Although men’s skin is a lot different from women, but their skin also needs care. Skincare should be a priority irrespective of the gender. Dirt and dust tend to accumulate on the skin and can leave it damaged, if it is not cleaned or taken care of. Here we will be discussing a few tips for men on how they can have a proper skincare routine.

  1. Wash your face regularly – The actual motto is to get rid of the superficial dust accumulated on the skin. You can wash your faced twice a day with a good face wash. Men’s face tends to be oilier than women, due to which you might need a better quality cleanser which has been made to meet men’s requirements.
  2. Sunscreen lotion – This is another basic step to be followed by men. Include a sunscreen moisturizer in your skincare routine so your skin remains protected even when you are exposed for a few minutes in the sun. Also try to limit your exposure in the sun and even if you have to, make sure you seek shade and cover the exposed part of the skin.
  3. Do not over-shave or trim beard – when you are working with sharp objects, make sure that you remain extra cautious. Make sure you wet your skin before you start shaving to make your skin soft. Change the blades of the razors after 5 to 7 shaves which will minimize the skin irritation.
  4. Exfoliate – No matter what skin type you have it is wise to exfoliate your skin at least once in a week. It helps to get rid of the dead cells and black heads that settle on the skin and cannot be removed by regular face wash.
  5. Use a moisturizer  – A good moisturizer is a basic need for healthy skin. Regardless of your skin type make sure that you use a moisturizer. It should be used after you have a shower, a shave or have scrubbed your face.

Photo Credits: Unsplash