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confident women

Things that confident women do not waste their time on

Confidence is something that is developed by a person with the help of their environment and their urge to make a difference in the society. Not every woman in the society would be confident,...

4 Easy ways to care and get healthy and pink lips

People often focus on skin care and hair care but forget about taking care of the lips. Not many realize that it is equally important to take care of your lips. It is indeed...
braided hair

Advantages of sleeping with braided hair

People who have long hair, often struggle with a number of issues like split ends and detangling that can take hours. But people who have the habit of sleeping with braided hair have a...

Simple habits that make women look elegant

An elegant woman can be recognized from a distance. It can be felt the moment she steps inside a room. Many other might dream of being like her, but the fact is that it...

4 Habits that can damage skin and lead to pimples

The coronavirus induced lockdown was a time when a number of people found time to pamper themselves. Some indulged in cultivating their hobbies, while some indulged in hair care and skincare. Now that many...

What are peptides and what are its benefits

There are constant changes in skin care trends. Peptides is an ingredient that is grabbing everyone’s attention at a time when people despite their age wish to look younger with a firmer skin. They...
hair texture

4 Recommended oils that boost hair growth and improve texture

While many of us might have been able to take care of our hair during the lockdown period, we might still be struggling with the problem of improving the texture. While you can easily...

Experts recommended rules to keep hair clean and bouncy for long

Having a healthy, clean, shiny and bouncy hair is an indication that you maintain a healthy body. Each individual has a different hair type and people need to take care of their tresses accordingly....

6 Foods that help to have a bright and glowing skin

A clear and a healthy skin is determined by not just using quality products and proper skincare, but is also determined by healthy food in terms of fuel for the skin. Here we will...

6 Habits that make split ends worse

Split ends on the hair is a common problem faced by many women. A good hair look can be easily spoiled due to the problem. It is only when you are consistently cutting your...

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