6 Habits that make split ends worse

Split ends is a common problem and a few regular habits can make the condition worse


Split ends on the hair is a common problem faced by many women. A good hair look can be easily spoiled due to the problem. It is only when you are consistently cutting your hair on a regular basis, or are getting a trim regularly, the split ends can be avoided to a certain extent. Here we will be discussing about a few habits that would make the problem of split ends worse.

1. Detangling the wrong way – Detangling is one of the easiest ways, your hair could be damaged. Experts have shared that many people often detangle their hair starting from the roots down to the tips. You need to begin from the ends while working your way up gradually and gently.

2. Usage of too much heat – heat is another factor damages hair and leads to split ends. First of all you need to avoid frequent usage of heat appliances. Next if you are using one, use products that have different heat settings and use the setting that is just enough to style your hair.

3. Not applying the heat protectant – Not many are aware of the heat protectants and use the heat tools directly on the damp hair. You can first apply a layer of panthenol or silicon in between the hair and the heat that provides ample protection.

4. Towel drying hair – Towels have tiny loops of cotton. They are so absorbent that the cotton takes away all the moisture and the hair becomes brittle and dry. Use a microfiber towel instead or an old t-shirt.

5. Picking up the split ends – Picking up the split ends makes the ends of the hair more fragile. Get a regular trim instead.

6. Using shampoo the wrong way – Not many are aware of the right way of using shampoo. First the shampoo has to be mixed with a spoonful of water to dilute it. Secondly you need to apply shampoo only to the scalp and it runs down the length of the hair. It is enough to cleanse your hair the right way.

Photo Credits: Pixabay