4 Benefits of green tea of the skin

Green tea is beneficial in a number of ways and is also a great ingredient for skin


Green tea is a great drink for people who are looking after their health or are trying to lose some weight. It not just aids in losing weight but also helps to improve cerebral development. Apart from that green tea also brings a whole range of benefits that are related to health and also skin. Here we will be discussing about the health benefits of green tea on the skin.

1. Protects skin against skin cancer – Green tea contains polyphenol apart from catechins that help to improve the anti-oxidant properties. These in turn deal with the free radicals that put a negative impact on the health and can also cause cancer.

2. Has anti-ageing properties – Anti-oxidants are also related to anti-ageing and help towards a youthful appearance of the skin. While you cannot reverse your age, but the tea helps to improve cellular generation. It also contains the anti-oxidant EGCG that protects the skin cells. The drink also contains Vitamin B-2 that increases the collagen levels and helps to have a smooth skin texture.

3. Remedy for acne – People who have acne issues due to oily skin that is caused due to the hormonal imbalance, can switch to green tea. The antimicrobial properties of the drink do wonders and help to reduce inflammation, restrict bacterial growth for a healthier skin.

4. Has anti-inflammatory properties – Green tea can not just be consumed as a drink, but can also be applied to soothe inflammation and cuts. People who suffer from redness or irritation can try out this remedy. Research has showed that green tea has also been useful to treat some of the dermatological issues like rosacea and psoriasis.

Apart from consuming this wonder drink, one has to also make sure to eat a healthy and a balanced diet. The body needs all kinds of nutrients to maintain a balance and remain healthy. Make sure that you workout everyday or at least thrice a week.

Photo Credits: Pixabay