Google once again delays return of employees to offices

Google has again delayed the return of employees for in-office work


Employees of the search engine giant Google in the United States will no longer have to return to in-office work on January 10, 2022. Company security VP Chris Rackow while talking to the employees in an email said that the company will have to wait to reassess the current situation and will have to see when it would be the right and safe time to return to the office until New Year, 2022. Google had originally planned to implement hybrid work pattern starting from October 18, 2021 but had then pushed the date to January, 2022.

However, Rackow did not give a reason in the email and has not even mentioned about the ongoing scare due to the omicron variant of COVID-19. The fact is that nothing is certain about the current situation regarding Omicron and experts continue to access and observe closely. But Rackow added that Google will be allowing the specific offices to decide when it will be safe to get back to the office. For this purpose, the company is expected to form Local Incident Response Teams that will help them to access the risk levels. Despite the arrangements, the employees at Google will not be required to abide with the hybrid workplace schedule.

Google might have cancelled the January 10, 2022 schedule but continues to encourage the employees to work at the office. The company opined that such conditions will allow the employees to reconnect with the fellow colleagues and would also get regular in terms of work. Google has so far reopened 90 percent of its offices in the United States while 40 percent of the employees voluntarily returned to work.

Talking about the international locations, the company has delayed the return of the workers to the offices in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The Omicron variant continues to be mysterious and is predictably very contagious. The experts continue the research on the new variant.

Photo Credits:  Pixabay