Burger King to introduce 37-cent Whoppers this weekend

Burger King is celebrating its 64th birthday and is offering Whoppers at 37-cent for two days


Fast food giant Burger King is ready to celebrate its 64th birthday and has a special plan. The chain is bringing back the original cost of its Whopper in 1957 which was just 37 cents and will begin from this weekend. Apart from celebrating its 64th birthday, it is also planning for its new member’s program, known as the Burger King Royal Perks.

The whoppers will be available at its original price of 37 cents in a two-day deal on Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4, 2021. It will be available for the burger buyers who register themselves for a Perks account. One has to take note that one discount whopper is allowed for one Perk account and will have to be bought. Buyers can also add the coupon, but that cannot be combined with other offers before placing the order. It was in the year 1957 when Burger King had changed the name with the launch of the Whopper sandwich which was a flamed grilled burger that could be customized with 1,024 potential combinations.

Zahra Nurani, the head of marketing at Burger King North America in a statement wrote that they are excited to celebrate their beloved burger 64 years later for its original price of 37 cents that will be exclusively available for the Royal Perks members. Minus the discount the flamed grilled sandwich is priced at the range of $4. The Perks program was launched by Burger King earlier in 2021. It offers the members a free or food at heavy discount that is similar to what Starbucks rewards program works.

The recent announcement over a heavily discounted lunch has come soon after an announcement that to speed up its drive-thru lanes, it will be cutting a few number of items from its menu. The recent decision was taken after it was noticed that the time at the drive-thru lanes had increased over the past year.

Photo Credits: Pixabay